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Stress Related Problems

What is stress?

Stress is something that affects us all at times in our lives. It’s near impossible to avoid and sometimes can feel so overwhelming that managing it can be extremely difficult. Whether it be within the school environment, home life, or friendships, stress can get the better of us.

Symptoms of stress

Some of the symptoms consistent with stress may include:

  • Feeling that you have so many thoughts going through your mind that you’re unable to think clearly
  • Being snappy or irritable around people
  • Wanting to isolate yourself and spend time on your own
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Feeling tense in your body

This may also lead to bouts of anxiety, persistent anxiety or possibly even low mood or depression. If your symptoms do persist and you feel that you’re unable to cope, it may be worthwhile seeking a healthcare professional who would be able to advise you on some strategies to reduce the difficulties.

Managing stress at home

There are a variety of different methods and therapeutic modalities that would be supportive in helping you to manage this stressful period in your life. If the problems relate to stress and you feel that it can be managed by yourself, then you may want to try some of the following.

  • Create a do list: this may reduce the symptoms once you feel that you have offloaded all of the things you need to do onto a piece of paper. This will also help you to be able to think clearly and prioritise what you need to do.
  • Write down the things in your life that are stressing you: this can be a useful way of pinpointing exactly what it is that is creating the stress.
  • Keep a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise: this will not only help you to clear your mind, but will also help you to burn off any excess energy and sleep better at night.
  • Breathing exercises: at night time to rest your mind, especially if you are having difficulty getting to sleep.
  • Reduce any sugar or caffeine at least 2 hours before sleep.

Essentially, the most important thing is to reduce the stresses in your life. By identifying what they are, it gives you a much better opportunity of intervening and making changes to your life.

If you find that these strategies are not reducing the symptoms, that they are getting worse and it is beginning to have a significant impact on your daily living, especially creating anxiety or any mood related difficulties, then it may be time to seek support from a healthcare professional.

If all else fails then know that we at Camali Clinic can advise you on how to better manage in difficult situations.

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