About Camali Clinic

Camali Clinic is a multidisciplinary child and adult mental health service in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The clinic works within a multidisciplinary framework to ensure a holistic and comprehensive treatment approach.

The team consists of a lead psychiatrist, psychologists, counsellors, occupational therapist, speech and language therapist, educational psychologist, registered nurses and clinical dietitians who work in a holistic setting together for the best interests of any person that is referred to the clinic. Combined, our team of clinicians have experience in the UAE, UK, USA, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt,Sudan, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa and France.

When a person is referred to Camali Clinic, our team of psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and clinicians take down the person’s history and a list of presenting symptoms in an initial consultation. We see people from all nationalities; emirati, eastern and western expat, and our team is trained to take a multicultural approach in their work.



The establishment of a dynamic centre of excellence providing holistic child and adult mental health services to the region.


To always place the needs of children, adults and their families at the heart of the service. To provide high quality, effective, evidence based care by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of specialists.


  • Acting with honesty and integrity at all times
  • Creating an atmosphere of trust and safety for visitors and staff
  • Providing a safe, non-judgmental environment where people feel listened to, valued and understood


We put the person at the heart of our work and try to make sure that we are able to engage with everyone important in their life to ensure the best possible outcomes. We work to respect the privacy and right to confidentiality of patients and their families.


We use a variety of recognised outcome measures to gather data regarding patient satisfaction and treatment response. We operate according to the standards set by the Center for Healthcare Planning and Quality (CPQ), Dubai, UAE. CPQ is the regulatory body of Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) dedicated to improving the quality and safety of patient care in the outpatient setting.


Camali Clinic is also a member of the UK’s Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Quality Network for Community CAMHS (QNCC).QNCC is a body, which sets quality standards specifically for CAMHS teams and requires participation in peer review by and of other CAMHS. All clinic policies are available upon request.

The Camali Story

It started with a boy named Benny whose family ran around town seeking care for their socially anxious and reclusive child who refused to go to school. The family had a history of mental health difficulties.

The fragmented, inconsistent and costly nature of care received was inadequate and at times harmful. It only addressed a minor part of the difficulties faced by Benny and his family.

Tavistock Clinic-trained psychiatrist Nadia Dabbagh and Maudsley trained psychiatric nurse Katie Laing decided there had to be a better way to provide care for people with mental health difficulties living in the region.

The vision was to establish a holistic centre of excellence where passionate and well-trained professionals worked together under one roof to ease the journey from sickness to recovery and independence.
Hence Camali was born.

Arabic كمال
(Adj) Completeness
having all parts or elements, lacking nothing; whole; entire; the whole

Arabic كمالي
‘My completeness.’

Name changed to protect confidentiality.

Mental Healthcare: How Camali Can Help

Camali Clinic is a mental health care centre that is primarily focused on helping children, adults, and families cope with and overcome various emotional and behavioural issues.

We assist patients in their personal journey towards better mental well-being, providing them a reliable support structure, with an emphasis on familial acceptance, love, and support.

If you or someone you know needs an expert psychiatristDon’t hesitate – get in touch with Camali Clinic today. Our mental health clinic in Dubai is open to all.

Expert mental health specialists in Dubai and UAE for everyone in need

Camali Clinic is built upon six foundational principles that guide us in everything that we do: compassion, honesty, respect, reflection, care, and integrity. We understand that people go through different challenges in life. As such, our doctors, specialists, and clinicians take the time to sincerely understand the challenges you are facing and create a personalised programme that helps you overcome each obstacle in your life, one step at a time.

We help patients identify the root cause of their personal challenges and develop clinically-proven counselling programmes that address these issues on an in-depth level. Gradually, we help our patients stand on their own two feet and enjoy life to the fullest, with a holistic approach that simultaneously enhances one’s psychological and physiological health.

We consider each case with a healthy respect to one’s individuality, recognising the fact that different individuals respond uniquely to counselling.

Whether you’re assisted by a psychologist or counsellor from our clinic, you can rest assured that you will be given ample care and attention, whatever your needs.

The doors of our mental health clinic in Dubai are always open for you

If you want to talk to our counsellor about

speech therapy

for your child or if you wish to consult our psychologist in dubai about personalised

occupational therapy

, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can schedule an
appointment by calling us through our contact numbers. Dubai: ‎+971 (0) 4 276 6064 / ‎+971 (0) 58 297 6331.
Abu Dhabi:‎+971 600 503035 / +971 (0) 58 297 6331.