Camali Clinic Core Values

5th Dec, 2016 Categories: Blog

This article has been written by Adam Griffin, Senior Occupational Therapist and Founding Member at Camali Clinic.

Core Values form the bedrock of a service but they need to be more than rhetoric.

These are the values we hold sacred, they present our principles to the world and the hold us to accountable when we fall short.

Our Core Values shape the way we work every day. At all times and in all places we must ask ourselves, “Do our actions reflect our core values”. They challenge clinicians to ask themselves “Did I really show compassion and empathy to that family?,” “Do I need to deepen my knowledge on this subject to ensure I am providing the best service I can?” They impact how we collaborate with families to provide a truly holistic, family centered service. They ensure we are committed to a culture of professional excellence and personal development that is upheld through regular staff training. When clinicians are faced with complex and challenging decisions our core values help guide our clinical decision making.

Core Values also help to educate our patients and families about our service.

What do we care about? What sets us apart from other companies? They are the values which underlie our work and to which every staff member has a personal responsibility to embody and uphold. They are both the standard behind which we rally and the compass that guides our path.

The Camali Clinic Team