Establishing Eye Contact

11th Feb, 2018 Categories: Blog

Eye contact is an essential part of communication and should be established before engaging with the child. Ways to obtain this include:

  • Hold objects been named next to your face as you label them
  • See if the child notices when you are been silly (e.g. a spoon balanced on the nose). If not, get them to look at you and allow them to remove an object or “stop the silliness”.

Play “pee-ka-boo” games with the child

  • where you hide your face and wait for them to respond to you. This assists with gaining their attention for the interaction too.
  • Put stickers on your nose and encourage the child to remove. If you don’t have stickers, you can put a small dollop of cream.
  • Allow your child to brush your hair, or wash face or put face paint on you to encourage face to face interactions.
  • Be on the same level as the child, so that you are face-to-face.
  • Call their name or gently turn their head in order to get their attention.
  • Stop and wait for eye contact to be established prior to starting your interactions with them.

In all interactions, do not force the child to give you eye contact. A child is more likely to look at you when they feel relaxed and having fun.

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