Bayan Bustami - Camali Clinic

Bayan Bustami

Behavior Analyst Technician

Bayan Bustami is a Behavioral Therapist and ‘School Readiness Programme’ coordinator at Camali Clinic, currently working towards becoming a board certified behavior analyst assistant.

After training as an Applied Behavior Analyst, Bayan worked as a behavioral therapist at Atfalona center in Amman, Jordan with Dr. Haneen Jarar for two and a half years. During her time there she worked with children who were on different levels of the autism spectrum, ADHD children, cerebral paralysis, language delay, apraxia and also children with down syndrome.

During her time in Atfalona, Bayan was responsible of creating playdates and group therapy sessions for the children to integrate them with other children to increase their social interaction.

Bayan has also previously been a supervisor for shadow teachers where she trained them and made school plans for the teachers to follow whilst shadowing the special educational needs children. She also observed her staff in a school setting to ensure that they were doing the best they could so that each child would reach the best of their ability.