Ceri Elliott

Behaviour Analyst BCBA, MSc in Autism Spectrum Disorders, BSc Psychology

Ceri Elliott, a Behavior Analyst in Camali Clinic. Born and raised in Africa, Ceri completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology with the University of Southern Africa.  On completion of her degree, Ceri relocated to the United Kingdom, spending the next several years working and studying in Northern Ireland, specialising in the understanding and treatment of autism.  Ceri obtained her Master’s in Autistic Spectrum Disorders from Queen’s University in Belfast.  Ceri continued to work with children on the spectrum for a further five years before leaving the United Kingdom.  During this time, Ceri published research in strategies to effectively motivate and assist children on the range in the Journal of Special Educational Needs.

Ceri has more than 15 years’ experience, assisting children on the spectrum and their families, working in a therapeutic environment, in family homes, in schools, and within the community.  Over time it has become more and more apparent to Ceri, that a team effort offers the best possible prognosis for a child, when friends and family, school and those in the child’s community, all understand and work together the outcome is optimal.  Camali offers Ceri the added advantage of various therapies, including but not limited to, speech and psychomotor therapies, all working in tandem to meet a child’s needs.  Ceri firmly believes that this increases the likelihood of a child reaching his or her full potential.