Hazard Zreik

Clinical Psychologist MA in Clinical Psychology, BSc Psychology

Hazar is a Clinical Psychologist with eight-year work experience in the UAE.
Hazar works with Children and adolescents with a range of socio-emotional problems.

She is also a trained Psycho-Educational assessor approved by the British Psychological Society and experienced in administering a wide range of achievement and ability tests, including intelligence tests.

Hazar also worked with adults who have different emotional and behavioural problems, including but not limited to mood disorders and anxiety disorders. She uses a variety of approaches and techniques tailored to every individual based on the need and the personal characteristics and differences. Her approaches include Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Emotion-focused Therapy. She is a caring and considerate person with a personal focus on helping others.

Passionate about enhancing human and social development, and personal growth. Hazar has a Master’s Degree In Clinical Psychology from The Holy Spirit University Of Kaslik in Lebanon.

Hazar speaks Arabic, English, and French.