Kirsten Orr - Camali Clinic

Kirsten Orr

Mental Health Nurse - Abu Dhabi

Kirsten is a Mental Health Nurse Counselor from the UK, with 17 years of clinical experience supporting patients with a range of mental health difficulties.

She graduated from Napier University in Edinburgh, as a Registered Mental Health Nurse and has been licensed in the UK since 2000. In the UAE, licensed with the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) since 2012, she upholds the requirements of continued professional practice through ongoing learning.

Before moving to Abu Dhabi, Kirsten worked within a Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) for the National Health Service UK (NHS), and later in a Primary Care Liaison Team (PCLT), providing mental health assessment and delivery of psychosocial interventions. She obtained a post-graduate certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in 2009 from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

Kirsten has engaged in several workshops and short courses including, essential life support, clinical risk assessment and management, clinical supervision, dual diagnosis, brief solution-focused therapy, behavioural activation, Neurostar TMS training and has experience in co-facilitating group programs including stress control, panic disorder/anxiety.

Kirsten is a dedicated and diligent clinician, whose aim is to implement evidence-based mental health care and support. She displays an empathic approach to meeting the needs of her patients and families. She values the need for collaborative working within a mental health team, and as such liaises effectively within the multidisciplinary team, to ensure the best support for the clients she is working with.

Kirsten values the need for early intervention and recognises that we can all experience mental health difficulties at some stage or other in our lives. Because of this, she advocates the need to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and raise awareness through education, advocacy, support and psychological interventions.