Occupational Therapy

20th Apr, 2015 Categories: Blog

The goal of Occupational Therapy is to provide specialised support for children and adults and enable them to perform daily activities and routines, while overcoming challenges such as an impairment, injury, disability, or mental health problem.

Camali has Occupational Therapy Centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi dedicated to empowering children, adolescents and adults to manage their everyday lives and gain the independence, ability and confidence to live the life they want to have.

 Providing tailored therapy programs that best suit your needs

Our mental health professionals work with children who are experiencing challenges in developing their speech and language abilities, reading comprehension, and fine motor skills. We develop individualise therapy programs and collaborate with parents and orient them how these efforts can be continued and supported from the clinic to their home or even in the nursery.

Camali’s resident mental health specialists also works together with young adults who find it difficult to integrate into the professional world. We provide therapy support and counselling to help young adults find a job and build a career where they will thrive and enjoy opportunities to use their abilities and talents to the fullest.

We also seek to help people who have gone through surgery, injury or a major stroke to regain their personal independence and accomplish daily essential activities on their own, including preparing their own food, dressing themselves, and socialising within their communities.

Personalised therapy programs for targeted results & milestones

Our specialists work closely with patients to determine their goals, set a detailed and comprehensive therapy plan, and guide them through each milestone. Through this individualised approach, we are able to target the specific and unique needs of each patient, while fostering a supportive environment and realistic arrangement where they feel comfortable and confident to achieve their goals.

If you require more information on Occupational Therapy for your child or loved one, please get in touch with us through +971 (0) 58 297 6331. We have centres located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to make our services easily accessible to you and your family.