Mental Health Care

Mental Healthcare: How Camali can help?

Camali Clinic is a mental health care centre that is primarily focused on helping children, adults, and families cope with and overcome various emotional and behavioural issues. We assist patients in their personal journey towards better mental well-being, providing them a reliable support structure, with an emphasis on familial acceptance, love, and support. If you or someone you know needs an expert psychiatrist Don’t hesitate – get in touch with Camali Clinic today. Our mental health clinic in Dubai is open to all.

Expert mental health specialists in Dubai and UAE for everyone in need

Camali Clinic is built upon six foundational principles that guide us in everything that we do: compassion, honesty, respect, reflection, care, and integrity. We understand that people go through different challenges in life. As such, our doctors, specialists, and clinicians take the time to sincerely understand the challenges you are facing and create a personalised programme that helps you overcome each obstacle in your life, one step at a time.

We help patients identify the root cause of their personal challenges and develop clinically-proven counselling programmes that address these issues on an in-depth level. Gradually, we help our patients stand on their own two feet and enjoy life to the fullest, with a holistic approach that simultaneously enhances one’s psychological and physiological health.

We consider each case with a healthy respect to one’s individuality, recognising the fact that different individuals respond uniquely to counselling.

Whether you’re assisted by a psychologist or counsellor from our clinic, you can rest assured that you will be given ample care and attention, whatever your needs.