Your First Appointment

Your first appointment

We understand and appreciate that taking the first step and making a call to attend the clinic is a very difficult task to do.

At Camali, we want every person to feel at ease when walking through our doors. Once you have made your appointment one of our dedicated referral team will call you to discuss your appointment and take some information and help with any nervous feelings you might have around attending your first initial assessment appointment.

The initial assessment appointments will help the clinic decide what is the best course of action to take, that will benefit you the individual. The clinician will meet with you, for child appointments the clinician may meet with the child/adolescent and family either together or separately.

This assessment will usually take an hour but please allow a little longer when planning your visit with us as at times your appointment may last a little longer.

The initial meeting will include asking questions about development, school progress (for child and adolescents), general health, relevant family history, and will aim to clarify the reasons why you are attending the clinic. Additional questions about medications, feelings and behaviour might be asked if required.

We will then look at the best care plan and clinician who can meet your needs. Follow-up appointments will then be offered with the therapist and your recommended care plan discussed.

Camali Clinic is a Consultant–led Child and Adult mental health service.

Often the most important help that Camali Clinic offer is an opportunity to talk, listen and identify ways of overcoming the difficulties that you or the family are experiencing. While each case is different, these approaches may be recommended:

Children & Adolescents

Camali Clinic provide a patient-centred holistic approach for children and adolescents who are facing difficulties with their own well-being and support for the parents and family.

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Camali Clinic provide a patient-centred holistic approach for adults who are facing difficulties with their own well-being or for couples who need advice and guidance for their relationship. Learn More

Day Therapy Center

Camali hosts a range of support groups and programmes for children between the ages of 2 and 18 Learn More