School Shadow Services

School shadow services

Observation and Screening

Service Description: The School Shadow services is designed to support the child within the school setting, maximize learning and promote inclusion. The role of the school shadow is to implement strategies that have been developed based on individual needs, to support the child in learning from the class teacher; generalizing previously learned skills to the school environment; socializing with peers; and managing problem behaviours. Ultimately, the goal is for the child to gain a level of independence and functioning whereby the school shadow can be faded out, and the child can attend school independently.

Duration and frequency: Camali offers various options for School Shadowing and School Support packages that are flexible and can be changed according to the child’s and family’s needs.

Languages: English, Arabic, French and Hindi/Urdu


Camali offers 2 options for school shadowing and school sport that can be adapted according to the child and family’s needs.

Shadow hire only

Shadow placement

*Any additional request for 1:1 session(s), training , supervision , sport parent meetings or formal reports/assessments will be subject to a separate charge according to the supervisor’s time and charge out rates,ie AED 450 per hour plus travel cost.