Couples Counseling

Couples Therapy in Dubai

Couples counseling, also called marriage counceling, is an effective form of talking therapy within a relationship. At Camali Clinic Sessions occur in a safe space and aim to improve communication and resolve issues within an intimate relationship. This is in contrast to counseling for relationship problems, which can be undertaken solely through individual sessions.

Couples therapy in Dubai is ideally suited to couples attending the sessions together. However, if one partner is reluctant to participate, the other partner can still participate in individual sessions with the counselor. You might find your partner wanting to join you after you’ve had some initial sessions alone, and it can be helpful to intersperse a couple of sessions with individual sessions. A couple’s counselor’s role is to facilitate change and bring about a resolution by helping you both communicate more effectively and reach your conclusions under professional guidance.

Visiting a marriage counseling Dubai center can help to create a better understanding of each other, improve communication, and most importantly, save your marriage.

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