The Camali Story

The Camali Story

It started with a boy named Benny whose family ran around town seeking care for their socially anxious and reclusive child who refused to go to school. The family had a history of mental health difficulties.

The fragmented, inconsistent and costly nature of care received was inadequate and at times harmful. It only addressed a minor part of the difficulties faced by Benny and his family. 

Tavistock Clinic-trained psychiatrist Nadia Dabbagh and Maudsley trained psychiatric nurse Katie Laing decided there had to be a better way to provide care for people with mental health difficulties living in the region.

The vision was to establish a holistic centre of excellence where passionate and well-trained professionals worked together under one roof to ease the journey from sickness to recovery and independence. Hence Camali was born. 

Arabic كمال
(Adj) Completeness
having all parts or elements, lacking nothing; whole; entire; the whole 
Arabic كمالي
‘My completeness.’ 
Name changed to protect confidentiality