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Child Nutrition and Dietician

Our Clinical Dietitian’s vision is to influence patient’s psychology of eating to become self-committed to make the necessary choices and follow a healthy lifestyle. Her approach to Diet therapy is very individualized and personalized. Each patient is taken care of as a private case and treated according to his/her lifestyle and personal needs by the best dietician in Dubai. Your personal dietitian helps you achieve your personal goals in reaching optimum health and good eating habits.
Targets are set collectively on the first visit and from there, you are followed and supported closely until they are met.

At Camali Clinic, your personal dietitian will do does a thorough nutritional assessment, and according to the diagnosis and needs, a plan will be formulated. 

Our Clinician

Clinical Diet therapies Diabetes:

Type 2 Diabetes; a minimum of an 8-week plan for regulating your blood glucose and insulin resistance is set in collaboration with your physician to normalize your blood glucose levels and regulate your insulin. This plan will also help you reach your healthy weight and train you to maintain that weight.

Hyperlipidemias, high blood cholesterol, and high triglycerides blood levels are risk factors for heart disease and can be corrected with the proper diet therapy. For those suffering from hyperlipidemias due to unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, healthy eating habits guidance and continuous support for life changes are coached to each individual according to his personal needs.

Gastrointestinal problems; Bloating, constipation, GI reflux, gastritis, and other GI symptoms can be relieved with the appropriate diet and eating schedule. According to each individual medical and nutrition history, a customized diet plan by our qualified nutritionist in Dubai is formulated for the patient. This is always with the collaboration of your physician.

Other areas where our dietitian can you advise and information that is tailored to your challenges and specific needs are:

Food allergies and food

Child nutrition and
picky eating

Nutrition during pregnancy
and breastfeeding