Child Eating Disorder Treatments

What are eating disorders?

Worries about weight, shape, and eating are common, especially among young girls. Being very overweight or obese can cause a lot of problems, particularly with health. Quite often, someone who is overweight can lose weight simply by eating more healthily. It sounds easy, but they may need help to find a way of doing this.

A lot of young people and especially children, many of whom are not overweight in the first place, want to be thinner. They often try to lose weight by dieting or skipping meals. For some, worries about weight become an obsession, this can turn into a severe eating disorder. It can be treated with the help of an eating disorder treatment, available at Camali Clinic.



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Common Eating Disorders – Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa

Both of these eating disorders are more common in girls but do occur in boys. They can happen in young people of all backgrounds and cultures.

Obsessional behavior is often seen in young people with eating disorders. Some people are more at risk than others. Sensitive or anxious individuals who are having difficulty becoming independent from their families are more at risk. Eating disorders can also run in your family.

What causes eating disorders?

Various factors can cause eating disorders

Signs of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa

Healthy eating tips

These simple suggestions by our qualified and experienced eating disorder therapists are useful to help young people maintain a healthy weight and avoid eating disorders.

How are anorexia and bulimia treated?

Here at Camali Clinic, we offer counseling such as cognitive behavioral therapy and family therapy and psychotherapy for eating disorders.

This involves talking to one of our trained therapists about your thoughts and feelings. It can help you understand how the problem started and how you can change some of the ways you think and feel. It can be upsetting to talk about some things, but our eating disorder therapist guides in such a way that will help you to cope better with your difficulties.

They will also help you value yourself more and rebuild your self-esteem.