Referral and Emergency

Referral and Emergency

Make a scheduled appointment

If you need to schedule an appointment at Camali Clinic please contact the clinic directly on +971 4 276-6064

Unplanned/Emergency appointment

If a patient needs to see our consultant psychiatrist immediately call direct on +971 4 276-6064 and inform the duty clinician of the emergency and they will assist you.

Emergency psychiatry visit of unstable patient

We advise you to contact your local emergency services if a young person needs immediate medical attention or is at severe risk of hurting themselves or others.

If in Dubai, please visit Rashid Hospital immediately. Located in Oud Metha and is the main emergency department with a psychiatrist on call 24/7. You can call them on +971 4 219-2000.

Medication and Renewal of prescription

Our Lead and Consultant Psychiatrist prescribes medication after a thorough assessment of a person’s behaviour and medical history.

Camali Clinic follows a process called shared decision-making which allows you the and clinicians collectively to decide what route of treatment is best.

If you need to renew a prescription, please call the clinic at least a week in advance to request a renewal and allow the clinic 2-3 working days’ lead time in order to avoid any interruptions in the treatment.

Making a Referral

Camali Clinic is dedicated to working closely with other providers of mental health care in order to offer the highest quality mental health services for children, adolescents and adults.

The clinicians are available to assist referring providers and their patients with an array of services. You may refer people to the clinic, to a particular service or to an individual specialist for consultation, assessment or treatment.

To refer a patient to a specific Camali Clinic clinician, please ask for that specialist in our team or call us to get further advice on +971 4 276-6064

Children & Adolescents

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