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Years of Experience
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Eléonore is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, whose early career found her offering her professional healthcare services in the picturesque South of France and Monaco, Monte-Carlo area. Over a period spanning half a decade, she served numerous clients, helping them navigate and overcome personal mental and emotional hurdles. However, destiny had a different path in store for Eléonore. She decided to relocate to the bustling city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, eager to aid a new demographic with her expert psychological support.

To gather the necessary academic credentials to offer professional psychological help, Eléonore completed her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the highly regarded University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, located in the beautiful South of France. Her clinical experience was honed further through a five-year stint at a reputable hospital on the illustrious French Riviera. Following this, Eléonore took on the entrepreneurial challenge of opening her own private practice in Monaco, expanding her service offerings while personally overseeing her client’s psychological well-being.

Fluency in languages often correlates with the ability to connect with people at a deeper, more personal level, and Eleonore’s linguistic abilities reflect this. Being proficient in both English and French, she has been able to cater to a diverse clientele, understanding their needs in their native tongue. This has played a vital role in ensuring that her psychotherapy services are accessible and effective.

Eléonore’s approach towards her patients is centered on empathy, understanding, and prioritizing their unique needs. By adopting a client-centered and strength-based strategy, she emphasizes the individual’s inherent strengths, integrating evidence-based treatment methods tailored to each individual’s unique circumstance. Collaboration lies at the heart of Eléonore’s counseling philosophy; she seeks to partner with each individual to identify the goals for therapy.

Her specialized skill set encompasses a competence in addressing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Her primary research concentrates on the intriguing phenomenon of mental grip/mental domination, providing invaluable insights into controlling one’s mind and emotions. However, her services extend beyond this, including support for anxiety and stress management, dealing with life changes, addressing relationship and intimacy issues, and helping navigate the challenges of adolescence and early adulthood.

In addition to her sterling psychological services, Eléonore supplements her assistance with an affinity for art therapy, validated by her DU in the field. This unique therapy method enables her to work effectively with young children, as it uses art as a medium of expression and discovery, promoting emotional growth and self-understanding. All in all, Eléonore’s vast experience, combined with her compassionate and tailored approach, renders her a caring and effective guide in the journey towards emotional wellness.

  • Master Degree (MA) in Clinical psychology, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France
  • Bachelor Degree (BA) in Psychology, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France
  • Diplôme Universitaire (DU) en médiations thérapeutiques par l’art et en psychologie expertale et criminelle.
  • Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
  • Dubai Healthcare City Authority Regulatory (DHCC)
  • Ministry of public health, France