Speech Therapist
Maria Al Haaj Trilingual Speech and Language Therapist / Certified Family Coach
Speech Therapist
Languages Spoken
  • ar
  • en
  • fr
Years of Experience
  • 7

Maria is a proficient trilingual Speech and Language Therapist fluent in Arabic, English, and French, hailing from Lebanon. She is a distinguished graduate of the Saint-Joseph University of Beirut (USJ), where she earned her Master’s degree in Speech and Language Therapy. Maria’s professional journey has spanned seven years, during which she has served in rehabilitation centres, inclusive and specialized schools, and her private practice. Throughout her career, Maria has worked closely with medical and paramedical professionals to provide exceptional patient care.

Her extensive experience involves the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of children with a wide array of conditions, including communication disorders, autism, ADHD, hearing loss, learning disabilities, developmental language disorder, and various speech sound disorders such as articulation, phonology, and apraxia. Holding the belief that parents are instrumental in their children’s developmental journey, Maria concentrates on imparting her knowledge and increasing awareness through conferences, presentations, and instructional videos predominantly aimed at parents and educators.

Additionally, Maria is also a certified Family Coach, accredited by the Family Coaching Institute of Nancy Doyon in Québec, Canada. Offering personalized family coaching services, she guides and supports families across various domains, including managing temper tantrums, dealing with oppositional behaviours, honing independence skills, curbing child discipline without punishment, and promoting effective study habits.

Maria possesses a diverse range of clinical training and certifications encompassing PROMPT Level 1, an ongoing 3-Part Treatment Plan for OPT, Makaton, and social-emotional learning and classroom management in inclusive schools.

  • Master’s degree in Speech and Language Therapy, Saint-Joseph University of Beirut
  • Bachelor’s degree in speech and language pathology, Saint-Joseph University of Beirut
  • Certified Family Coach, Family Coaching Institute of Nancy Doyon, Québec- Canada
  • Dubai Health Authority (DHA)