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Tooba is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist working at Camali Clinic since 2019. She obtained her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and completed her B.A. (Hons.) in Psychology with a Gold Medal for achieving the highest academic standing at the undergraduate level from the University of Karachi, Pakistan.

Tooba’s work is based on the belief that people want to be happy, effective and successful in their lives and that they have within themselves the resources to achieve these goals. She believes that psychotherapy can help individuals to use their resources effectively to increase self-understanding, to improve decision-making, to solve problems, and to create paths to the lives they want. She offers a compassionate therapeutic approach that includes recognized and accepted psychotherapies, training for behavioral changes, as well as talk therapy whereby addressing life meaning, goals & choices.

Tooba has contributed to numerous articles in the region and conducted a variety of psycho-educational workshops, presentations and webinars to support the wider community including hospitals, corporate companies. Through this, she aims to increase awareness about mental health issues and normalize seeking help. In addition to her academic and work experiences, she also possesses a tremendous amount of patience, an exceptional ability to engage and communicate with the team, children, young people, and adults; and respect for patient confidentiality.

She has gained experience of working with clients in the clinical settings, and with people who have severe and/or enduring problems using a range of therapeutic clinical approaches, implementing psychological therapy or other interventions appropriate to the presenting problem and to the psychological and social circumstances of the clients through years of training. Tooba was briefly involved in Camali’s School Readiness Program which focuses on social integration as well as basic academic skills which prepare your child to transition to mainstream schooling eventually.

  • B.A. (Hons.) Psychology, University of Karachi, Pakistan.
  • M.A. Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Certified Adult Mental Health First Aider (MHFA England)
  • Dubai Healthcare City Authority Regulatory (DHCR), Dubai, UAE

Areas of expertise:

  • Clinical psychology
  • Mood disorders (e.g. depression), Anxiety disorders (e.g. OCD, social anxiety, phobia), low self-esteem, relationship issues, personal exploration, lack of motivation and unresolved issues with the past.