Psychomotor Therapist
Psychomotor Therapist
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Years of Experience
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A licensed Psychomotor Therapist by profession, Farah Hassan possesses an extensive educational background with a Bachelor’s degree (2008) and a Master’s degree (2012) from the Saint Joseph University of Beirut.

Farah has substantial experience in early intervention, working alongside children, teenagers, and their families to ensure they receive appropriate support. Her areas of specialization include Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disorders, ADD/ADHD, Behavioral difficulties, and Developmental Delay.

She holds certification in Exchange and Development Therapy (Thérapie d’Échange et de Développement: TED), a neurofunctional rehabilitation therapy — primarily focusing on the social communication functions of children with autism spectrum disorder.

With more than a decade’s experience working in a humanitarian non-governmental organization, Farah developed a considerable interest in mental health. She has accomplished several training sessions for community workers, parents, and teachers in refugee camps. She has devised and monitored sessions for groups of mothers with ASD children, focusing on social interaction and peer support.

Being an integral part of a multidisciplinary team, Farah contributed to the development and implementation of a community-based rehabilitation program. This collaborative effort resulted in the publication of a guidelines manual and a manual for parents’ empowerment.

Additionally, Farah has held consultancy roles with multiple international NGOs, providing specialized guidance for implementing a unique pilot project on Community Support for Children with Disabilities. She has also planned and executed psychosocial activities for school students, staff, parents, and community members within the refugee population and formulated measurable criteria for activity monitoring and evaluation.

Previous roles held by Farah encompass Special Education Department Coordinator at Adduha High School, Autism Department Beirut, Lebanon; Psychomotor Therapist and Trainer at National Institution for Social Care and Vocational Training NGO, Lebanon, Tyr; Psychomotor Therapist at Lebanese Autism Society and SKILD Center, Lebanon, Beirut, and Consultant at International Rescue Committee, Lebanon, Beirut with field visits in Bekaa.

  • Master’s degree (MA) in Psychomotor Therapy, Saint Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon
  • Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Psychomotor Therapy, Saint Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon
  • Certification -Exchange and Development Therapy (Thérapie d’Échange et de Développement: TED)
  • Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

Her Clinical Areas of Specialisations

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Learning Disorders and Difficulties
  • Developmental Delay
  • Behavioural Difficulties